About us

Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation

The Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation is dedicated to continuing Rob's legacy to protect sharks. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and mobilize communities worldwide to save global shark populations that are required for resilient and biodiverse ocean ecosystems. We are committed to creating tools to inspire ocean conservation through education, entertainment, and advocacy efforts.

Feature product and story:

On top of saving sharks and the oceans, Rob was also known for designing fantastic T-shirts to support his mission. Rob’s original film, Sharkwater, continues to inspire the world and this classic shirt of Rob diving with hammerhead sharks from the film’s cover is the perfect shirt for his supporters.

Our Commitment to Sourcing

All Canadian made apparel products offered in the RSSF line are produced from certified organic and recycled materials. The fabrics are knit and dyed in Toronto, Ontario and are certified by Control Union according to the Global Recycling Standard and/or the Organic Content Standard. Products are then cut, sewn, and printed in Ontario employing Fair Labour Association certified practices. 

Items procured from international manufacturers have been sourced solely from third party audited socially responsible enterprises with ecological and social footprint foremost in mind. 

RSSF is proud to support socially and environmentally responsible supply chains by working with businesses that are taking steps to lower their ecological impact and promote ethical labor practices. 

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